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Hey there! I’m Noe, the face behind Exploroad. As a Peru-based photographer, I’m your go-to guy for incredible photo tours and personal photoshoots in the remote mountains. I’m also passionate about creating adventure photo products. Beyond the lens, I’m a fervent hiker, indulging in my favorite mountain trails. A foodie at heart and coffee lover, I find joy in good meals and a cup of coffee. Join me in exploring the beauty of Peru through my lens and let’s capture unforgettable moments together. Discover the essence of photography with a photographer based in Peru who’s all about genuine experiences.

My passion for mountains...

Raised in the Cusco mountains, where I spent my childhood immersed in Quechua, connecting deeply with the local culture. Drawn to adventure, I attended guiding school and discovered my love for photography while leading mountain expeditions.

I feel at home in the mountains, and I consider it a privilege to be able to capture their stunning beauty through my lens. My love for nature and photography has led to exciting opportunities, including collaborations with brands such as Paka Apparel, Sea Summit, and the Visit South America.

This journey has been an incredible experience, and I feel grateful for every moment spent exploring and capturing the world’s beauty. The mountains will always have a special place in my heart, and I look forward to continuing my adventure as a photographer and nature lover.

“A younger me needed to climb every mountain. The older me says they photograph better from the bottom.” – Sophie Marland